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We are 200+ organizations seeking a few new colleagues. We include the learning leaders of some of the largest companies in the world (e.g. McDonald's, Southwest Airlines, Shell, The Kellogg Company, American Express, etc.). Every day throughout the year, Learning CONSORTIUM members turn to each other and the staff of The MASIE Center for benchmarking, networking, research and collaboration in the Learning and Training field.

Here are a few examples of how our CONSORTIUM benefits from collaboration on a daily basis:

More than 3,000 people in 200+ organizations worldwide collaborate and learn together on the issues and challenges you face. Together, we are evaluating, inventing, revising and improving the exciting field of learning! This is a community of trust, appropriate confidentiality and syndicated efforts to enhance the effectiveness of our efforts on learning and training.

The Learning CONSORTIUM is a small and very focused organization. The charge is only $5,000 per entire company for a year of service, collaboration and events. Our model is to be a long-term, trusted collaborative of learning professionals that is vendor-neutral and ethically based.

Learning CONSORTIUM Resources:

The Learning CONSORTIUM is a non-stop source of learning exploration, benchmarking, common work projects and access to innovative research and development activity.

These are the learning challenges and opportunities we will explore in 2019:

Here are just some of the resources that your organization can access:

Annual Membership Fee:

The fee is $5,000 for one year from your date of acceptance into the CONSORTIUM.

Member Ethics:

The Learning CONSORTIUM is an active community of practice and learning. We expect our members to:

Application Process:

applybuttonThe CONSORTIUM is looking for a few additional members, primarily large organizations implementing learning across the enterprise and a few larger vendor/suppliers.

MASIE Center staff reviews all applications for membership in the Learning CONSORTIUM. We ask that each organization applying complete the online form. We will then schedule a telephone interview to process the application.
(If you have any additional questions, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Testimonials from CONSORTIUM Members:

Elliott is super approachable. I don't know of anyone who would feel uncomfortable having a conversation with him.
~David Barton, Michelin

The Learning Consortium is THE BEST way to stay connected and informed about the learning industry. The staff is dedicated and amazing and the value of the connections made through the Consortium help me every single day.
~Cary Harlow, The Hewlett Packard Company

The Learning Consortium provides an informed space for practitioners to understand what's going on in the area of learning and technology without being deluged by vendor and consultant proposals. It helps cut through the fog of commerce to help solve my business's learning problems.
~Ron Dickson, Intel

Brilliant, engaging, funny, and thought provoking, Elliott and the Masie Center have gone beyond being a resource for trainers, they are influencing people in government, education, and industry around the world for the better.
~Gary Harris, Wegmans