Storytelling & Broadway: Leadership Experience

“Storytelling is a key skill in the workplace!” – Elliott Masie
“Broadway is a powerful experience of Storytelling.” – Telly Leung

You and your colleagues are invited to a unique, immersive, and enjoyable one-day Leadership Experience exploring Storytelling skills through the magic of a Broadway Theater Experience. 

Join Elliott Masie (Learning Innovator & Producer) and Telly Leung (Actor & Producer) this Fall in New York City for a morning deep dive into Storytelling as we are joined by Broadway Actors, Directors, Stage Managers, and Musicians. Then, we will go to The PROM – an exciting and powerful musical comedy produced by MASIE Productions – to experience and discuss Storytelling in action. 

Storytelling & Broadway Leadership Experience breaks all the traditions of a “corporate seminar”:

  • A Storytelling Immersion Experience in the Morning at Green Room Club 42
  • Telly Leung and Elliott Masie Explore Storytelling on Broadway and in the Workplace
  • Interactions and Interviews with Broadway Professionals:
    • Crafting Stories that Engage (Playwrights and Authors)
    • Directing, Feedback, and “Wow” (Broadway Directors)
    • Skills for Storytelling (Story Curve, Rehearsal, and Audience “Wow”)
    • Entertainment and Stories (Broadway Singer Performs a Live Example)
    • Business Impacts and Matching Storytelling to the Storyteller’s Style
  • Fun Opportunity to Demonstrate Real-Time Storytelling
  • Interactive Lunch with Colleagues at Green Room Club
  • Orchestra Seats at The PROM – Matinee Performance on 48thStreet
  • Post-Show Dialogue and Drinks at Hurley’s Pub on 48thStreet
  • Video Segments for Follow-Up: Taking Storytelling Home

An amazing intersection between broadway and corporate. There's so much we in the corporate world can learn about how the different aspects of a theater production come together to tell an impactful story.
- Karen Freedman, FM Global

Learning how to tell your story authentically is an essential tool for every leader. Leave the elevator speech at the door and share yourself, your company, and your vision
- Augusta Thrift, The Hartford

The Storytelling and Broadway experience allowed me to relate a topic dear to my heart to my everyday work. I didn't realize I was underutilizing creativity until this event. Thank you.
- JoAnn Rowland, NACE

From MASIE Productions, we will all go to prime orchestra seats at the matinee of The Prom, the joyous Broadway hit that New York Magazine calls “smart and big-hearted” and The New York Times declares a Critic’s Pick!

It's a new musical comedy about big Broadway stars, a small town, and a love that unites them all.

Billboard cheers, “The Prom is Hairspray meets Dear Evan Hansen!” Variety raves, “It’s so full of happiness that you think your heart is about to burst.” And The Hollywood Reporter cheers, “It’s comic gold!”

“Storytelling is at the heart of our organizations, our careers, our projects and yes, our lives. Storytelling is a skill, a framework, and a connection. Broadway is Storytelling. Our Leadership Experience links the magic of Broadway with the competency of Workplace Storytelling.” - Elliott Masie, Co-Host

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