Come spend 3 days with us and a few dozen global learning colleagues exploring the Future of Learning at The MASIE Center Learning LAB:

September 16-18, 2019  |   Saratoga Springs, NY

2019 is a Year of Learning Changes! Your Learners are Changing! Learning Technologies are Changing! Learning Habits & Formats are Changing! Learning Data Analytics Will Change our Processes! And, Innovations in Technology, EdTech, Machine Learning, AI, Immersive Video, and Responsive Systems are Bursting onto the Learning Radar Screen!

The Learning Innovations LAB will be an INTENSIVE experience. We will experiment, play with, evaluate, benchmark, research, and push to “failure” a wide range of learning innovations. Some are just emerging, and others are already in the marketplace. We will also explore learning design and User Experience innovations. And, we will have live video interviews with Chief Learning Officers from major companies as well as dialogues with technology engineers over the course of 3 days together in our unique 10,000 square foot Learning LAB in Saratoga Springs, NY.

We will explore:

Elliott Masie and Richard Culatta will facilitate this INTENSIVE LAB experience for a small group of participants in this vendor-neutral program that will mix:


“The Learning Innovations LAB is a great opportunity to S T R E T C H our boundaries as learning professionals and innovators. I am deeply excited to bring together a small group of learning colleagues from around the world – with various levels of experience – to collectively explore existing, changing, and radically new learning models and technologies. This is a LAB where we will experiment collaboratively.” -Elliott Masie