We will Explore:

  • Personalization of Learning: Chatbots, Apps, and Responsive Speakers
  • Curation Tools: Leveraging Recommendations, Ratings, Rankings, and Compliance
  • Leadership Development Re-Imagined
  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Immersive Media
  • What will 5G Do for Mobile Devices and Learning?
  •  Learning Data Analytics: Dashboards for Learners and Performance
  • Gamification and Game Engagement
  • Video: Fast, Short, Targeted, User-Created, Open, Digital Studios
  • Learning Systems Examined or “Deleted”: LMS, LCMS, xAPI, Experience Systems
  • Webinars: Change is Desperately Needed
  • Performance and Workflow Support: Learning at the Moment of Need
  • New Skills for Learning Professionals in 2019
  • Machine Learning and AI: Reality, Hype, Examples
  • A & B Models of Innovation: Try 2 Strategies and Compare
  • Collaborative and Social Technology
  • “Maker Model” of Creating Agile Learning Solutions In-House
  • Learn- (and Hack-) A-Thon for New Learning Solutions
  • Brain and Cognitive Science Experiments and Innovations
  • The Connected Classroom: Labs and Projects
  • Design and Authoring: Revised and Crowdsourced
  • Smart Speakers: Alexa, Google, Facebook, and Siri at the Workplace
  • Using Free, Open Source, and External Content, Tools, and Systems
  • Robotics, Automation, and Even Auto-Driving Cars
  • Learning in the Gig Economy and Shorter Career Paths
  • Why Innovate: Changing Business or Even Changing Leadership
  • The $$$ Side of Learning Innovation
  • UserExperience Design for Learning
  • Open Source and Employee-Driven Innovation
We are adding a special “Acme Corporation” to our LAB Experience. Based on the “Road Runner” cartoon, our participants will design, critique, use, and react to a set of “Acme Learning Innovations” that are under consideration at our fantasy corporation. Humor, honesty, and insight will flow from considering some “extreme” learning innovations.





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