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The Elliott Masie Learning CONSORTIUM is a 22-year-old collaborative of 100+ major corporations focused on the ever-changing world of Workplace Learning, Technology, and Innovation!  We are a vendor-neutral Learning ThinkTank & SandBox.  Join Us!

We include the learning leaders of some of the largest companies in the world (e.g. McDonald's, Allstate, Humana, Comcast, UBS Financial Services, etc.). Throughout the year, CONSORTIUM members turn to each other and the staff of the MASIE Center for benchmarking, networking, research, and collaboration. Together, we are evaluating, inventing, revising, and improving the exciting field of learning! This is a community of trust, appropriate confidentiality, and syndicated efforts to enhance the effectiveness of our learning and training efforts.

These are the learning challenges and opportunities we will explore in 2020:

  • AI, Automation, & SmarterTech – Building Learning Readiness for AI & More
  • Learning Data Analysis – Shifting Metrics & Measures
  • EveryDay Learning! From Workflow Support to Learning Cultures
  • Learning Innovations: Experiments, Ventures, & New Approaches
  • Issues Curated by our Members (e.g. Leadership Development Challenges, Changing Skills, Roles, and Structures for Learning & Development, and more!)

Elliott Masie Learning CONSORTIUM Activities & Benefits:

  • Elliott Masie Live Briefing with Your Learning Organization or Business Leaders: Elliott will spend one hour, by video, with members of your Learning Team or your Business Leaders in an interactive discussion of key learning topics, challenges, initiatives, and more.
  • Monthly Learning Dialogues and Idea Jams: Each month, there will be a live, interactive video session led by Elliott Masie, Bob Mosher, Richard Culatta, and other MASIE Fellows.
  • Engagement with Global & National Business & Learning Groups: For example, a small cohort of member organizations is already collaborating with Lumina Foundation on its “All Learning Counts” initiative to reskill and upskill the US workforce. Their progress will be shared with the entire membership!
  • 100% Vendor Neutral: We remain committed to maintaining a vendor-neutral position in the learning field. As such, we will not make recommendations of any vendor or accept any sponsorship from a learning vendor.
  • Video Snapshots from the Field: Elliott and the CONSORTIUM team will conduct video interviews with members who are working on exciting learning initiatives. We will share those videos with the entire membership!

Who is Elliott Masie?

The Learning CONSORTIUM is the daily focus of Elliott Masie's efforts in the world of workplace learning and technology.   Elliott is a provocative, engaging, and entertaining researcher, educator, analyst, and speaker, he is focused on the changing worlds of corporate learning, organizational performance, and emerging technology. He was the first analyst to use the term “eLearning” and the Host and Curator of many Learning & Development Seminars, Labs, and Conferences, including Microsoft TV. Over the past thirty-five years, he has presented programs, courses, and speeches to over 3,000,000 professionals around the world!

Elliott is the author of 13 books, including his next work, "EveryDay Learning!":  He is a columnist for the Chief Learning Officer magazine and featured on podcasts and video interviews around the world.  Elliott was just the keynoter at the China Learning and Technology event, with over 2,000 learning directors from across Asia.  Throughout the year, he visits learning departments of major corporations and government agencies.

Elliott’s current focus is Learning in the Pandemic, which includes Smarter Tech (AI, Automation, and Curation), Learning Data Analytics, Storytelling in the Digital Age, EveryDay Learning, and how Changing Learners are Driving New Learning Designs.

Elliott serves as an advisor to a wide range of government, education, and non-profit groups. He has served on the Board of Trustees of Skidmore College, as a member of FIRST Robotics Board of Directors, and as a member of the CIA University Board of Visitors. He has also served as a pro-bono advisor to the Department of Defense and on the White House Advisory Council on Expanding Learning Opportunities.

Members of Elliott Masie Learning CONSORTIUM will engage with him on live video conferences.

Examples of Recent Conversations, Dialogues and Benchmarking within the CONSORTIUM:

  • “Moving to Virtual Instruction: What’s REALLY Working?!”
  • “Leadership Development in the Pandemic”
  • “Letting Go of Learning Traditions”
  • “Cell Phones @ Work?”
  • “Onboarding, Orientation & Retention”
  • “Re-Imagining Learning”
  • “Building Learning Habits”
  • “Measurement: Who’s REALLY Doing It and How?”
  • “Gamification for Learning”
  • “Changing Learning Marketplace & Report from ATD Conference”
  • “Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) – What are they and what can we do with them?”
  • “Storytelling as a Skill, Learning Strategy, and Culture Addition”
  • “Bringing New Colleagues into the Learning Function”
  • “What does Social Media at Work Mean for Learning?”
  • “CyberSecurity & Learning”
  • “When Content is Boring?”

Elliott Masie Learning CONSORTIUM Community Culture:

  • Participate in ongoing benchmarking, networking, and dialogues.
  • Refrain from "selling" to CONSORTIUM Members at group events. 
  • Participate in a fashion that builds trust and openness within the group and honors diverse perspectives, confidentiality, and competitive roles of members.

Quotes from CONSORTIUM Members:

As an Elliott Masie Learning Consortium member for many years, I continue to see the value the Consortium and its members bring to our organizations. My team looks forward to the information and experiences shared on the monthly calls, and the ability to share ideas, experiences and challenges with Elliott, the Masie staff and the Consortium members is a benefit that has provided invaluable insights to many Talent & Learning initiatives over the years.” 
~Lori Adams, Coca-Cola Beverages Florida

“I’ve worked with Elliott’s Learning CONSORTIUM for the past twenty years, bringing membership to each company I work with throughout my career. It’s the best way to stay current on trends in workplace learning, navigate through hype, and bring external perspective to our strategy through benchmarking, networking, and developmental opportunities. It’s a safe community of practice where we recognize that we are better together, as strategy transcends industry.”
~Kathy Tague, CLO

 “For years, Elliott Masie’s Learning CONSORTIUM has helped our L&D professionals pause, reflect, disrupt themselves, look in different directions, and stay curious. Many of the strategic changes we have made in the past decade have their origins in the people, conversations, and collaboration fostered by the CONSORTIUM.”
~Jeremy Smith, Herman Miller

Brilliant, engaging, funny, and thought provoking, Elliott and the Masie Center have gone beyond being a resource for trainers, they are influencing people in government, education, and industry around the world for the better.
~Gary Harris, Wegmans


The fee is $5,000 for one year for your entire organization in the Elliott Masie Learning CONSORTIUM. Your organization can involve and engage as many of your learning employees as you desire, with full access to CONSORTIUM resources.

Currently, as we adapt to the challenges from the Pandemic, we are not accepting new applications for membership. And, we have paused invoicing for CONSORTIUM renewals.

We are focused on supporting and networking our current CONSORTIUM membership through virtual events and briefings in these changing times. In addition, the CONSORTIUM is sponsoring events and programs – without fees – for the learning industry, including our Empathy Concerts and Learning Supplier Network dialogues.

Watch for information about the future plans of Elliott Masie and The Learning CONSORTIUM later in the Fall of 2020.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information.

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