TO: Learning, Training & Performance Colleagues

FROM: Elliott Masie, Host & Curator

RE: Announcing: "EveryDay Learning" LAB – March 24-26, 2020 

EveryDay Learning LAB + Curation!

I am excited to invite you and your colleagues to a brand new, highly interactive LAB that I will be hosting on the exciting topic of “EveryDay Learning!”  

EveryDay Learning optimizes the amazing and often confusing range of formal learning assets, corporate content resources, context from peers and collaboration, external searchable elements, On-The-Job learning, books, podcasts, job aids and lunch table conversations.

Curation is Essential with EveryDay Learning!

Your employees have access to an almost endless selection of content, context, corporate communication, external resources and social collaboration info.  Curation will be a significant theme in our EveryDay Learning LAB.  We will focus on evolving strategies that include: Curating Content, Ratings, Metrics for ALL Learning, Personalization, Curation & Compliance and Optimizing the EveryDay Learner!

Content and Focus for "EveryDay Learning LAB"

For 2 1/2 days, you and a small group of learning colleagues from around the world will explore with Elliott Masie the "EveryDay Learning" Realities, Challenges, Designs and Innovations.

Each participant will apply our dialogues to strategies for Learning Departments, Learning Designers, Knowledge Management, Corporate Communications, Instructional/Experience Developers, IT Systems Managers and Learners Themselves to "Optimize"  EveryDay Learning in their organization.


Our EveryDay Learning Explorations Will Include:

  • EveryDay Learning Inventories: For Organizations and for Learners!
  • Curation for EveryDay Learning Assets and Experiences
  • OPTIMIZING Learning: What Works in What Situations
  • Curiosity: The Driver for EveryDay Learning Impacts
  • Mobile Devices and 5G: The Really Connected Workplace & Workers
  • Learning Data Analytics: Collecting & Leveraging Data for ALL Learning
  • Engagement Strategies: Moving from Publishing to Learner Engagement
  • Learning Systems and EveryDay Learning: Beyond the LMS and xAPI
  • Assessment, Simulation & More - Continual Dashboard
  • Breaking Models and Traditions of Learning Design
  • Performance and Workflow Support: Learning at the Moment of Need
  • Learners & EveryDay Learning: Support, Resistance & Changes
  • Blending Formal Training with EveryDay Learning 
  • From "LifeLong Learning" to "EveryDay Learning" - Natural Extensions
  • Brain & Cognitive Science Support for EveryDay Learning
  • Learn- (and Hack-) A-Thon for EveryDay Learning
  • Timing and Learning: Dan Pink's "When" Model of Timing
  • The Classroom: Extending Transfer with EveryDay Learning
  • Design and Authoring for EveryDay Learning
  • Interactive Learning Resources: Speakers, ChatBots & FAQ's
  • Using Free, Open Source, and External Content, Tools, and Systems
  • Learning for Tomorrow's and Today's Roles Simultaneously
  • Learning in the Gig & Remote Economy - EveryDay Learning Imperative
  • Publishing, Searching, Nudging and Embedding Learning Content
  • The $$$ Side of EveryDay Learning
  • UserExperience for EveryDay Learning
  • A 3 Year Plan Towards EveryDay Learning Optimization

A five-minute video from Elliott Masie: