Experiences & Activites

Curation & Learning LAB will be 2 1/2 days (plus pre and post collaboration) to actively engage you and your colleagues in learning expereinces that will dynamically explore Curation.NotesPhotos

You will be in an active participant, experimenter and even researcher on the changing field of Curation for Learning in the Workplace.  Here are just a few of the experiences and activites for you and yoiur fellow learning professionals:

  • Optimizing Content, Context, Collaboration and Compliance Material
  • Video Interviews with Chief Learning Officers on 2019 Approaches to Curation
  • 4 Curation LAB Experiences:
    • Curation for Leadership Development
    • Curation for New Employees
    • Curation for Compliance Changes
    • Curation for Performance Improvement
  • Design Exercise: Create a Recommendation Engine
  • Personal Curation vs. Organizational Curation - What Do We (and other Learners) Do?
  • UserExperience LAB on Curation Approaches: A 360 Degree Perspective
  • Financial Analysis of Curating vs. Not Curating
  • Search Skills and Traditions of Your Employees: Adding a Curation Layer
  • Trust and Curation: Do They Believe and Trust New "News"
  • Curiosity Experiement: Brain Response to Curiosity Focused Activities
  • Time Analysis of Curation
  • Learning Systems (LMS, LCMS and xAPI) and Curation
  • Leveraging Curation Collections (eg. LinkedIn, Coursera, Filtered, and More)
  • Benchmarking: A Curation Strategy Profile for Your Organization
  • The Role of Mobile and Personal Devices for Curation Behind the Firewall
  • Curation at the "Moment of Need" - Right Now Content Access Decisions
  • Learning Data Analytics and Curation: Measuring and Forming Curation Approaches
  • AI and Machine Learning for Curation: Exploring Emerging Tech from China
  • Curation and Assessment: Linking Curation with Feedback
  • And More....


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