Chief Learning Officers Ask Amazing Questions?

Chief Learning Officers often have favorite statements, expressions, and points of view. These can be key as they help shape the learning culture and knowledge ecosystem of the enterprise. 

But, the most powerful words from a CLO can be in the form of QUESTIONS! Asking a provocative question – at the appropriate moment, of key people or groups – can be the ultimate power tool for the CLO. Statements may or may not be heard, understood, responded to, or remembered. Targeted questions can be multiplied and amplified.

Here are three general examples, before I share my own CLO Question List:

My ideal CLO is like the Rabbi that I had in my synagogue as a teenager. Rabbi Chaven said that his role was to ask a provocative question and then step aside to let the community members have rich dialogue and disagreement on the topic. He said the good question never has an easy or “right” answer. Instead, it provokes the listener to engage and learn!

So, here is the start of my own CLO Question List:

This is just the start of my list. I would love someone to create a card deck of CLO questions (and I will help fund it). Perhaps in the future, CLOs will ask Alexa or Siri to track how many questions they asked each day.

Questions Rock Learning! Have the courage to ask questions. Become the CLO with amazing and endless questions. They are your greatest multiplier of impact!

Published in CLO Magazine, November 2018