Here is the Content and Experience Focus of The ChatBots for Learning LAB:

  • ChatBots: 20 Working Examples and Case Studies of ChatBots @ Work!
  • ChatBots: Workers Ask and the System Responds
  • ChatBots Design: Q&A, Dynamic, Machine Learning, Human Response
  • ChatBot Technology: Knowledge Clouds (Internal, External & Syndicated)
  • ChatBots with Internal Content
  • ChatBots and Compliance/Legal “Nightmares?”
  • Personalization of ChatBots: For Me, Data-Driven, Style-Shaping
  • Eliza: The History of Early ChatBots in the 1960’s
  • ChatBots & Trust: Behavioral Dimensions
  • Performance Support & ChatBots?
  • ChatBots & Learning: Triggering and Shaping Learning Paths
  • ChatBots & Curation: Front End for Curated Content
  • "Recommendations" (Rankings, Ratings & Advice)
  • Downsides and ChatBot Weaknesses
  • ChatBots in Action in the Workplace Now!
  • Building Chatbots: Design a Prototype - Typed & Verbal Demo
  • ChatBots for Learning Transfer: Push or Pull at the Moment of Need
  • TalkTech, Machine Learning & AI Evolution with ChatBots?
  • The ChatBot Knowledge Base: Tagging, Expanding, Rating, Ranking
  • Governance and Costs of ChatBots in the Organization
  • Mapping ChatBots to Learning Design Models (e.g. ADDIE & Agile)
  • ChatBots with Multi-Media Content
  • “Listen to Me” and “Coach Me” ChatBot Models
  • Emerging ChatBot Methodologies

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