jennyzhuJenny Zhu – ASIA Learning Fellow – The MASIE Center

We are proud to announce the appointment of Jenny Zhu as our Asia Learning Fellow!  Jenny is based in Shanghai and is one of the leading innovators in China, on the use of media for learning.  Jenny is one of the most prolific podcasters in the world. Having hosted 2,000 ChinesePod lesson podcasts since 2005, she has helped more than 1 million registered users learn Chinese and revolutionized the way Chinese is taught worldwide.

A native of Shanghai, Jenny received high school education in Singapore. She went on to study International Relations in Sydney, Australia where she earned her master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of New South Wales. She uses her blend of linguistic abilities, cultural insights and effervescent personality to put a human face to China and help connect foreigners to a China of everyday people and their stories. She is an eloquent experimenter of new approaches to learning design.

Jenny has been featured for her work on CNN, NBC Nightly News and the Economist. She has also received honors including Times Magazine’s Top 10 Podcasts in 2006, The UNESCO Summit Award for Excellence in Educational Content in 2008 and the Australian China Alumni Award in 2009.

Jenny will be working closely with Elliott Masie, as they develop a new set of programs and collaborations with major organizations in Asia on changing learning models.  The dramatic growth of employment in Asia and the expanded nature of global teams will be at the core of MASIE Center projects in that region.  Jenny can be reached at