Learning is Changing ... What About Your LMS?


We are pleased to announce our Learning Systems & Tools '17 event, to be held in Chicago from April 19 to 20th.  

This is a perfect time for an industry conversation about our Learning Systems and the evolution of Learning Tools, Apps and Technologies. Organizations are deploying, shifting, extending, refining, switching and re-thinking their Learning Management Systems, LCMS, and Collaborative & Social Systems. They are experimenting with Learning Apps, Mixed Reality, Workplace Performance Approaches, and integrations with Talent and Enterprise Systems.

  • Learning Systems and Tools are evolving and new capabilities are emerging from other educational sectors: Khan Academy, K-12, Higher Education, Social Networks and non-traditional providers.  
  • Learning Systems and Tools are extending to the worlds of Talent, Machine Learning, Badging, Big Data, Learning Personalization and beyond.  
  • Learning Systems and Tools are morphing and requiring deeper readiness for Mobile Learners, Learning Personalization and Compliance/Regulatory Requirements.
  • Learning Systems and Tools can be extended to support Learning Apps and Learning Personalization.

Learning Systems & Tools '17 will bring together a collaborative group of senior learning leaders, learning systems designers, learning innovators and global colleagues in Chicago on April 19 and 20.  Hosted and Facilitated by Elliott Masie and Richard Culatta, this Forum will take a sharp look at current and future roles for today’s and tomorrow’s Learning Systems.

Here are some of the key questions and topics that we will explore at Learning Systems & Tools '17:

  • Current Deployment and Shifts in Learning Management Systems
  • Can Learning Systems Support Learning Personalization?
  • Optimizing the Learner's Search Experience at Work
  • So Many Learning Systems in One Company? Why? And the Future!
  • The Role of Big Learning Data, xAPI & Learner Data Dashboards
  • Talent and Learning Systems: Are They Collaborating or Competing?
  • Learning Systems and User Created Content: Trackable?
  • Learning Apps and Learning Systems: From Portals to My App!
  • On-the-Job Learning and Learning Systems
  • Assessment, Evaluation and Learning Systems: An Evidence Model 
  • Social Side of Learning Systems: Webinars, Collaboration & More
  • CLOs’ Interviews - Learning Systems: Embracing, Extending or Frustration
  • Learning Systems with Mobile, Video, Virtual Reality and More
  • Learning Tools Beyond the LMS - Exploring Alternative Technologies
  • Curation and Learning Systems: LCMS, Document Mgmt and Curation
  • User Experience, Usability & Learning Systems
  • Governance and Management of Learning Systems
  • Learning Systems, Badging, Credentials & Career Focus
  • Learning Systems & Classrooms: Support and Extend?
  • Costs, Budgeting & Futures of Learning Systems'
  • Real Time Benchmarking of Learning Systems Yield & Challenges
  • And More Topics From Participants and Resource Speakers

“I have co-hosted Learning Systems & Tools Forums six times in the last 20 years.  In 2017, learning leaders from major corporations are at a crossroads for planning the future of Learning Systems.  Do they integrate the LMS with Talent Systems?  Can Learning Systems support Learning Personalization?  Do the mobile and search-ready learners get what they need from the LMS?  How do Big Data & xAPI fit into tomorrow’s Learning Systems?  We are looking forward to the Learning Systems & Tools '17 event in Chicago to explore these key issues.  Join us!”



Elliott Masie
Host & Facilitator
Chair, The Learning CONSORTIUM