Leading Learning in a Changing World!

Taught By: Nigel Paine, with Perspectives from Elliott Masie
May 14-16, 2013: Saratoga Springs, NY

The Learning Leadership Academy is a unique, intensive learning experience and workout for rising and newly appointed Learning Leaders.  Facilitated by Nigel Paine with perspectives from Elliott Masie – and a range of live video visits from senior CLOs around the world - the Learning Leadership Academy will provide you with a deep and rich exploration of the changing landscape of learning leadership. 
The Academy is built around 4 Key Themes for successful learning leadership:

  • Leading the Learning Team!
  • Enabling Learning in your Organization
  • Aligning Changing Technology
  • Driving Business and Organizational Performance  

We will present you with a range of relevant small case studies - that you will work on (MBA style) - bringing to light both the main issues concerning the changes in work, the issues that learning leaders are confronting today and those that will increasingly challenge us tomorrow.
Learning is changing and shifting to be on demand, social and mobile, and to include Performance Support. The extended enterprise, development of user generated content challenge conventional learning teams. What are the competencies needed for successful teams now? You and a small team of global colleagues will dive deep into these topics and challenges.