Video from July 30th Empathy! Call:

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Join us for an uplifting and funny hour on Friday, August 14th at 4 pm EDT.

In tough and changing times, Empathy can leverage humor, laughter and lightness.  We will combine fun energy from Broadway Stars with Perspectives on Innovation (with humor) from Mark Thompson, a NY Times Bestselling Author, working with Schwab, Apple, Richard Branson and CEO’s around the world.

Empathy Concert will feature these wonderful Broadway performers, with deep comic roots:

  • Ann Harada (Avenue Q, Cinderalla, Emojiland and more)
  • Jennifer Mattison (Jimmy Kimmel Live, Godspell, Is Anyone Alive Out There?)
  • Telly Leung (Aladdin, Glee, Rent, Allegiance and Co-Host of Empathy)

For Learning Suppliers and Vendors: The MASIE Center is hosting an ongoing set of conversations with Learning Suppliers and Vendors, discussing the changing learning landscape and marketplace. If you are a supplier of learning products or services, and would like to participate, send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be added to the conversation. 

Dear Colleagues,

The MASIE Learning CONSORTIUM has shifted 100% of its energy and our team’s focus to non-revenue collaborations of the learning and development field in this Pandemic.

We invite you and your colleagues to participate in our virtual sessions throughout each week. And, please check out our Readiness website at:

Learning has never been so important to our societies!

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MASIE Learning LAB

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The MASIE Center Learning Lab is a $2 million facility we designed and built in Saratoga Springs, New York for Learning Research, Innovation and Benchmarking. The 10,000 square foot facility is an active "sandbox" used for our Labs & Learning CONSORTIUM activities.

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