Dear Learning & Training Colleague:

You and your colleagues are cordially invited to participate in our latest seminar at The MASIE Center:


Led by Elliott Masie
May 19-21, 2014 | Saratoga Springs, NY


 Video is literally changing the face of workplace learning!

Video is changing the format of content, collaboration and knowledge publishing in the workplace. Our employees are increasingly turning to video as their media of choice to access updated knowledge, skill development, corporate storytelling and even peer-to-peer social collaboration.

When you and I want to know how to fix something or learn about a process, we often select a short video segment as our first choice. Video connections that use chat, workplace collaboration tools and telepresence will radically alter the way we meet, inform, coach and even hire future employees. And, our workers will increasingly pull out their smart phones or tablets to capture (and even edit) user-generated video.The MASIE Center’s Video and Learning LAB is a unique, hands-on, vendor-neutral drill-down on these topics:

  • video13Why Video? What are the business, at-home, media and personal forces that are driving the growth of video and learning?
  • Video Stories (YouTube-like, short knowledge segments from the field)
  • Video Content (rapid development of video-based learning modules)
  • Video in the Classroom (expertise in the classroom: leaders, peers or learners)
  • Video Chats & Conferences (connecting the distributed workforce and workplace)
  • Video Performance Support (learning at the moment of need or change)
  • Video for Business Processes (e.g. orientation, hiring, customer support)
  • Video Coaching (short nano-mentoring processes)
  • Video Learning Mix (blending video with eLearning and classroom)
  • Video Search (can we search our videos for content without transcription?)
  • Video and Learning Systems (how video and LMS often cooperate with or ignore each other)
  • Video and Global Learning (international aspects of video in multiple languages)
  • Video and Learning Strategy: Where is it heading?



Video and Learning is a rapidly changing field. The technology is becoming faster, cheaper and more widely used at home. $12,000 cameras are being replaced with smartphones and tablet cameras. Plasma screens are dropping to $400. And, people increasingly want short, expertise-filled video (live or on-demand) that will support their learning on a topic; yet, our legal and IT folks are raising some key issues.

Our Video and Learning event is a project-based, hands-on seminar and lab. You will work on a series of projects with fellow participants, leveraging on-demand video and live video, to explore the use of video in a learning event. For example, we will redesign how “Acme Corporation” will conduct new hire orientation or leadership development, using video as a core component. In addition, each participant can develop his or her own video for learning projects while in the LAB.

I will be assisted by Lauren Boughton, the Video and Content Producer at The MASIE Center.  In addition we will be joined by a range of faculty and resource experts during the LAB segment of this event, as well as during the follow-up project and online component. You will have access to experienced video deployers instructional designers and learning managers as we experience and explore every aspect of Video in Learning.

multiscreensEach participant will work with a wide range of video formats, technologies and systems while at The MASIE Center. I look forward to working with you on this project. If you have any questions, please send a note to


Yours in learning,


Elliott Masie
 Chair, The Learning CONSORTIUM