We are very excited that the Learning CONSORTIUM is taking an active and collaborative approach to innovative experiments and practices in the changing world of learning. Our goal is to conduct a yearlong set of Learning LAB activities that will include:

  • Learning LABS at The MASIE Center: We have organized a set of innovative learning experiments at our LAB in Saratoga Springs (and will continue to organize more!). For example, what are the most effective technologies and methodologies to create the “Connected and Agile Classroom”? We will provide both recorded and captured activities as well as host a set of Open LAB Days, where CONSORTIUM members can come and experiment/brainstorm with our team.
  • Learning LABS in Your Organization: We encourage CONSORTIUM members to participate in LAB activities that can be done at their workplace. These do not require any major space or a staff person but are a visible and collaborative model for experimenting with emerging learning approaches and a wide range of learner types. For example, what are ways in which we can push the Blended/Hybrid Learning Model or what is a way of using an LMS for greater learner personalization?

In addition, the Learning CONSORTIUM will continue to provide these activities and resources:

  • Elliott Masie Perspectives: I will share ongoing research and innovations that are occurring globally in workplace learning.
  • Collaboration with Research and Learning Groups: We will work closely with offices that include the U.S. Dept. of Education, EDUCAUSE (representing learning technology in higher education), University Research Groups and Corporate Leadership Groups.
  • Targeted Benchmarking and Pulse Research Surveys.
  • Monthly CONSORTIUM Dialogues.
  • Sixty Minutes of Coaching or Briefings on Learning by Elliott Masie.
  • Learning 2015: Two tickets to our annual conference to be held November 1 - 4, 2015 in Orlando, Florida.
  • Discounts on MASIE Center Events.



Elliott Masie, Chair