masie-inside-2The MASIE Center:

The MASIE Center is an international Learning LAB working with Global Organizations.  Our staff is located at our headquarters in Saratoga Springs, NY, Virginia and Shanghai, China.

The  MASIE Center Learning Lab is a $2 million facility we designed and built in Saratoga Springs, New York that was specially built for Learning research, development and training. The 10,000 square foot facility is an active "sandbox" used for our Labs & Learning CONSORTIUM activities. 

Here is a glimpse of the technology and capabilities of the Learning Lab:

  • Learning Tools: Our 30 workstations and extensive wireless network will provide you with the most recent tools, systems and learning examples from organizations around the globe.  These include an opportunity for deep hands-on time with learning and knowledge tools and systems.
  • Virtual Teaching Studios: These are dedicated rooms that you will use to practice a range of techniques. They allow you to experiment with a dozen different virtual training platforms, ranging from audio to web-based classrooms to broadband video collaboration.
  • Video Capture & Presence:  We are continually experimenting with both Live and On-Demand video capacities for wide scale organizational learning. There are many generations of video cameras and platforms throughout the building.
  • Learning Lab & Studio: This is a 2,000 square foot main location for our LAB, Seminar and Testing activities, containing 30 workstations, gas plasma and LCD projection systems, Gaming Platforms, Group Decision software, Collaboration systems, Audience Response Systems and a host of tools to add to your learning and creativity. 
  • Workgroup Rooms: You and your teammates will have access to project rooms throughout the building for group assignments.
  • Remote Access: At your discretion, you can demonstrate your learning to a few of your colleagues back home from the Learning Lab.
  • Learning Innovations: We are continually experimenting with emerging, existing or even legacy learning innovations – through active labs and evidence based assessment